December 2018 In Brief

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12075. We had been thinking how convenient using Ctrl+Q as shortcut for the Edit menu’s Query command in MoneyBooks applications—rather than Alt+E then Q or using the mouse to hunt for the Query icon by the right side of the screen—and today we started the implementation, recompiling Gerian and four frequently used MoneyBooks modules of General Ledger, Time Manager, Data Manager and Sales.

12086. Completed implementing the Ctrl+Q query shortcut in the remaining five modules of MoneyBooksAccounts Payable, Payroll, Inventory, Employees (first revision since 2015) and Fixed Assets (first revision since 2016)—and updated the help file after compiling them.

12134. The window for adding new contacts to the Contact Gift List in MoneyBooks Data Manager crashed during a query. We took time out to debug and resolve the issue.

12274. We revised Randomizer and MBGL, enabling turning off of the Spin and Win timer in Randomizer while in General Ledger we implemented a data privacy feature on the Chart of Accounts window and generally removed the old MS Serif and MS Sans Serif fonts from over 20 years ago, replacing them with Times New Roman and Verdana.

12311. Extracted some key versions of Labelwriter prior to 9.1.05 of August this year—both database and application files—for creating a special archive installer for the client and while testing things upgraded the Labelwriter Launcher application to version 1.2 with a re-sizable window that could display a long list more properly. We created the version 3.1 revision of MBGL to make it possible for people that can view the balances of a restricted list of accounts to also be able to generate the account statements for those accounts only.


Gerian Assistant along with all nine modules of MoneyBooks were upgraded with a speed boost feature, with additional changes in the MoneyBooks GL and MoneyBooks Data Manager modules, as well as Randomizer. Work started on an archive installer for Labelwriter, while the Labelwriter Launcher tool for opening the older versions was upgraded to version 1.2.

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