July 2019 In Brief

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7011. Printwiser 8.0: Continuing from last month, we implemented display of column dropdowns for header and value changes on the cost analysis report window, having to edit the exported window source code using TextPad after the PowerBuilder source editor crashed twice on it. Also implemented changing the selected headings and values and recalculating the report as well, along with updating the documentation for the upgrade.

7022. Printwiser 8.0: Designed and completed programming of the last requested feature for the upgrade, the yearly comparative report, which is the first Printwiser report to be produced directly using a database procedure with a declared temporary table rather than permanent report tables.

7033. Printwiser 8.0: Carried out application testing and revision, with rebuilding of the executable files.

7044. Printwiser 8.0: Turned attention to upgrading that would be necessary for the client’s old database to bring it up to date from version 6.852 of 2010. By reviewing client’s requirements for the cost analysis report again we saw the need to improve what has been implemented with more columns for the summary estimate addition columns (such as sales commission) and possibly the option to adjust the labor cost by a percentage.

7055. Printwiser 8.0: Upgraded copy of a Printwiser 6.852 database of 2010 to work with the latest Printwiser. Performed general testing and revision of all features, resolving version-related issues.

7066. Printwiser 8.0: Addressed all remaining revision issues from yesterday—learning in the process that starting the debugger from the open event of the application object now caused PowerBuilder to crash. Implemented changes to the cost analysis report including sales commission, VAT and changeable labor rate.

7081. Printwiser 8.0: Set up the application installer.

7092. Printwiser 8.0: Finalized and tested the installer files and the installer CD. Visited Academy Press Plc for the upgrade installation and user orientation training, which went smoothly.


The Printwiser Estimating 8.0 upgrade was completed and installed for the client. It features advanced quote writing options complete with branding images like logos and signatures, two new analysis report formats, and access to the work-back estimate report.

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