June 2019 In Brief

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6031. Visited a Printwiser client on the mainland to negotiate upgrading the software to handle estimating for their new Flexo machine’s corrugated packaging jobs.

6064. We downloaded and briefly examined the Tor browser that has been talked about in recent times as being one of the most secure means of bypassing internet tracking and prohibitions by governments.

6101. From reading his article at Medium we subscribed to the mailing list of another web development author, Flavio Copes, so we could download a couple of his free ebooks on CSS 3 and VueJS.

6112. Worked through Flavio’s CSS 3 handbook up to the grid layout chapter, using the browser’s developer console to try out some CSS formatting being discussed.

6123. We downloaded three Traversy videos, working through Quick & Easy CSS Loaders, a demonstration of doing animations using CSS. We also completed going through Flavio’s CSS 3 handbook, seeing how he resorted to using two code sharing sites (CodePen and Glitch) in later chapters instead of listing out code in the text.

6134. An article at Medium about TypeScript got us reading more about the language at Tutorialspoint.com and taking notes. It is a strongly-typed version of JavaScript whose files have .ts extension and get compiled (actually “transpiled” to be exact) to JavaScript. We installed TypeScript and one of its Sublime Text packages for syntax highlighting, wrote and compiled our first Hello-world TypeScript code. Later worked on one of the downloaded Traversy videos (Dynamic Landing Page JavaScript) this time mostly by examining the code he’d posted at CodePen, where we registered to be able to download and also edit a fork (copy) of the code, later leaving a comment on the YouTube page for the video pointing out a couple of tweaks made to the JavaScript code.

6145. Work started on the next major Printwiser Estimating upgrade that had been in discussion with the client since 2017, now dubbed version 8.0. First feature to be implemented was assigning the signature image for the quote signatory. Labelwriter user called to discuss need for speeding up the candidate box listing report that was taking hours, and we examined the SQL code that generated the report in a bid to see how a faster version could be implemented.

6156. We implemented an alternative option for generating the candidate box number listing in Labelwriter 9.1.14 that should be faster. Printwiser 8.0: Implemented the quote company list maintenance, including image storage for logos, directors lists and conditions for printing.

6170. Printwiser 8.0: Implemented user access to the new Quote Writer menu option and then inclusion of the saved logo, signature, footer and printing conditions images on the quote cover letters.

6181. A client complained of inability to set up his domain-based email account on Thunderbird and inability to log in to cPanel, and through several phone messages we provided support until he logged into cPanel, re-entered his password, set up email on Thunderbird and his Android phone and successfully sent email. Printwiser 8.0: Reviewed the logo image sizes on the quote company form, then investigated inclusion of images in the RTF document generated for editable quotes. Labelwriter client texted about the last update not still running as fast as he wanted and we later suggested he use the RAM disk option earlier installed but which we now heard was no longer on his system following a crash.

6182. Implemented Labelwriter version 9.1.15 update to improve on candidate list generation with a new state code option; along with its installer we also created an installer and guide for the ImDisk RAM disk solution to further boost Labelwriter processing time.

6193. Printwiser 8.0: Included Quote Writer-related measurements on the Estimating settings form and concluded research into implementing images in the RTF code used for editable quotes, starting off with coding the logic for the Combined quote format.

6204. Printwiser 8.0: Implemented SQL code to assign hex values for images necessary for RTF code. This turned out too slow and also didn’t assign the hex values properly except for small images, so we created a Tohex program using FreeBASIC that got called to create a hex file for an image which then got loaded into the database. Also implemented some speed boost features for the quote generation form—saving the choices for quote company, letterhead use and text/graphics presentation—and resolved the “General input/output” error resulting from first attempt to open a text RTF quote in a word processor (OpenOffice Writer) after images were inserted.

6215. Printwiser 8.0: Resolved the image and text alignment issues with the text quote, along with formatting issues that had been there from inception such as wrong pagination and insertion of “page” in the text rather than the RTF command \page.

6226. Printwiser 8.0: Rounded off upgrading of the editable text quote report with images, after implementing special terms and conditions data entry as a separate main menu option modeled after the income list form of Gerian, rather than a reports generation form option.

6230. Printwiser 8.0: Designed and started implementation of the quote schedule report upgrade (to include branding images and signature), as well as taking time out to implement changing the quote signatory’s name as well as the signature on the Estimating settings form.

Quote Schedule 8.06241. A client requested for a mass mailing solution and we researched some including phpList, poMMo, Webinsta Maillist, ccMail, Mautic, OpenEMM, Owl PHPMailer and PHP Mass Mail as open source offerings, with Mailchimp being a paid popular solution. Printwiser 8.0: Implemented placing and sizing of images on the quote schedule and updated the quote company form to include the short logo for the quote schedule.

6252. WhatsApp on our Lumia phone got updated today and then gave us a rude warning, that because Microsoft had abandoned the Windows Phone platform it would also stop working on the phone on December 31. Printwiser 8.0: Finalized revisions to the new quote schedule, keeping to a fixed size for the logo; built the executable program in about 30 minutes, tested the executable and then implemented further revision to address all the issues noted.

6263. Printwiser 8.0: Rounded off work on the new quotation schedule and turned attention to the next phase of the upgrade, doing the table design and starting the SQL code to generate the new cost analysis spreadsheet.

6274. Printwiser 8.0: Worked on the cost analysis report SQL coding (server-side), getting the first draft working with most of the numeric estimated values.

6285. Printwiser 8.0: Completed the SQL coding for remaining columns of the cost analysis report.

6296. Printwiser 8.0: Put up the menu and parameter form for the cost analysis report.

6300. Printwiser 8.0: Set up the initial cost analysis report grid and window using PowerBuilder (client-side). Completed coding of dynamic column formatting for the report.


Work started on the next major Printwiser Estimating 8.0 upgrade that had been in consideration for some time, featuring advanced quote writing options complete with branding images like logos and signatures, as well as two new report formats including a cost analysis spreadsheet. Labelwriter also got a couple of upgrades to speed up an essential report generation.

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