March 2016 In Brief

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3071. Revised Gerian to implement tracking of last hit tracking download time and last T-Time win time, checking them also before the reminders come up.

3126. Enhanced the Product List in Gerian so that the TripleClicks webpage for each product could be opened just by double-clicking on the row. Found a way around how TripleClicks fliers for MoneyBooks and Printwiser product listings were produced, with the long descriptions jumbled up and having no line breaks at all as well as being incomplete. This was saving the page for the flier and editing the code for the HTML file; successfully did this for one MoneyBooks listing and printed the resulting two-page flyer.

3163. MoneyBooks Payroll user visited and had his issues sorted out, mainly the disappearance of the program shortcut from the Desktop, along with the program file itself. Debugged non-generation of receipt from the waybill invoice form in MoneyBooks Sales, due to change in the code for the default receipt mode sometime ago.

3174. Revised EPPMS to add non-NUR only and non-SSA only options to the report implemented in January as the user said they should not be merged.

3185. Visited a Printwiser prospect at Ikeja and did a mini-presentation. Attended to EPPMS user calls.

3222. Visited the Printwiser client at Apapa and upgraded their installations with the new version 7.54 including the Time Rate Calculator. Addressed issues the newly-trained estimators were having.

3233. Paid support visit to the EPPMS client, implementing a solution to the issue of some employees having no payslip details in a 2004 backup database. Also discussed further revision issues and at the office implemented the most critical, putting net pay on the Employee List, for easy determination of total salary requirements for any selection of employees. Uploaded the update for user download and installation.

3244. MoneyBooks user visited again with the same earlier issue of the disappearance of the MoneyBooks program file. We investigated and found that the file was actually being quarantined by his Norton Internet Security due to a virus infection. Did the first rebuild of MBTM (Time Manager) for 2016 to take advantage of midnight switch-over for the internal system date. Implemented some needed corrections and changes in Gerian.

3255. Worked on the Daylight Savings Time revision to Gerian, after noting that SFI times at the website were one hour ahead of the Gerian-calculated times. This was because of DST being in effect in the USA (usually happens between March and November) and so Gerian had to take this into account. Also handled importing of the new format of the MRP Ledger.

3281. Completed the implementation of payroll columns (all allowances and deductions) on the Employee List in EPPMS, using a technique first deployed in Labelwriter years ago, modifying and recreating an entire datawindow object with code, so that the new columns were included complete with headings and totals.

The first version of this post appeared here on April 2, 2016.


Gerian and EPPMS got the most attention in terms of modification and technical support. After-training free support was provided for the new Printwiser client, including the Time Rate Calculator upgrade, while discussions began with a prospective client. A MoneyBooks client and two modules of MoneyBooks also got some attention.

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