May 2016 In Brief

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5021. Modified Gerian to include two new payment methods for orders—SFI account and TripleClicks account—and implemented monthly goals data entry as well.

5032. David Ogwo started work as admin/office assistant, after initial interest shown since June last year.

5043. Visited EPPMS client to install an update and investigate reported issues with the newly-implemented promotions listing report. Discuss additional modifications to be implemented, as well as review output of the new promotions listing report.

5054. Discussed new promotion listing report with EPPMS user. Heard that many people had their promotions backdated which meant payroll history records for the months of promotion dates won’t correspond to the post-promotion values. We worked on two fixes for this situation and emailed an update.

5076. Following inability to resume work after the Worker’s Day holiday this month, Lekan Balogun gave notice of extended absence to enable him travel and also attend to family issues.

5091. Nduka Afam, a 300-level computer science student of Madonna University, started his industrial training scheme with us.

5102. Revised EPPMS to implement a speed boost for the new promotion listing report, creating a procedure to scan the huge audit trail log once and record the dates the promotion dates were changed in the employee table.

5113. Installed EPPMS update at client site, implemented changes to the promotion date changed-date procedure during execution. Attended to user’s requirements of locating and setting up a couple of backups, proposing a solution for the third backup that couldn’t be located.

5124. Completed the new sample payslip report in EPPMS and sent off the installer to the client.

5172. Implemented a data entry enhancement in Gerian so that in a date and time column, the current system date and time will be produced on pressing the space bar alone.

5216. Implemented the calculated value option for the pension contributory history listing that the EPPMS user wanted and uploaded it for download and installation.

5253. Implemented entry of Gold Streak questions in Gerian while adding two more columns to the scoreboard list, all-time VP and forum likes. Began revising MBSA to address some issues with the quotation form, like the quote amount not changing when detail items were deleted.

5264. Made revisions to three MoneyBooks modules, Sales, GL and Time Manager. In Sales, the quote form and receipt report changes were completed. In GL a lost data entry issue was addressed, while in TM, the inability of non-supervisor users to enter values on the first row of the project activity form was addressed.

5290. Made a slight revision to Gerian, introducing delivery person to the promo contacts list.

5312. Revised the generator log in MBDM, introducing entry person and resolving a ‘STRING expression expected’ error during query by non-supervisors.

The first version of this post appeared here on June 2, 2016.


Most modification and technical support work was done on EPPMS, which also saw some level of administrative work. This was followed by Gerian and some modules of MoneyBooks. There were also a number of staff changes this month.

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