May-June 2024 In Brief

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5083. Began the first revision of MoneyBooks Accounts Payable module since 2019, as version 1.5. This went on at different times for the next three weeks. On the client side, we revised the Bills Payable Form to make overwriting product info optional when product code was changed. We made the cost center and project values blankable. We also revised the Project List, Product List, Payment Request Form, Purchase Order Form. On the database side, we introduced a “rounding stock” item to hold rounding differences when posting bills payable and order items to Inventory, and pro-rating of values of bills payable items without stock code to be added to those with stock code in determining the stock prices. We also reviewed how order expenses got posted to Inventory as part of the stock prices.

5131. A client requested a visit to discuss their need for a custom payroll solution. We responded by mentioning our two payroll solutions for them to read further, MoneyBooks Payroll and MR-Payroll for FrontAccounting ERP. Later in the month of May, the client was visited, to hear their expectations for a system that would improve on what they used in the past. We presented our two payroll solutions again, and they favored MR-Payroll for its ease-of-accesss, being browser-based. They were given access to the demo installation for MR-Payroll, and later on the video presentation as well.

6112. Due to the new system SFI introduced this month, we began the next v1.62 upgrade of Gerian Assistant, revising the TCredit List import to work with the new ZCredit Ledger. We also worked on the Affiliate List import as there were changes there as well, it now being called Referrals. The upgrade was completed the next day.

6123. Following client feedback received days earlier on the cost analysis report, work on the Printwiser Estimating v10.05 update began. The first issue addressed was VAT amount appearing even when VAT inclusion was not specified. The other was providing capital/energy specific columns, like working capital rate/amount and energy rate/amount. The update was completed and delivered the following day.

6171. We revised some code for this Blog, ensuring newlines in comments were retained, after noticing recently such lines were all joined together. We also adjusted the email sent to subscribers when an author makes a post.

6204. We began the next v3.1 review of MoneyBooks Data Manager, implementing useful features for the user table and other noted areas. On the User Table Definition Form, a new Default value column was provided, applicable to the following data types for now: Character, Integer, Serial, Boolean, Numeric. The Notes for the table was also adjusted to allow multi-line values. Other areas reviewed were the Password List and the Add new commissions form. The update was completed over a week later with the implementation of a Change key option for user tables.


Revisions or updates were done on MoneyBooks Accounts Payable, Gerian Assistant and MoneyBooks Data Manager. Following client feedback received on the cost analysis report, the Printwiser Estimating v10.05 update was created. A client was also visited towards meeting their payroll processing needs: Our two payroll solutions were presented, MoneyBooks Payroll, and MR-Payroll for FrontAccounting ERP that turned out more appealing to them for its ease-of-accesss, being browser-based.

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