What is SFI and how does it work?

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By Chris Emejuru

Over the years, a number of people that have seen posts I made at our SFI Affiliates’ Group on Facebook come back to ask me to explain SFI to them. Perhaps someone had told them about SFI or they just signed up without checking out the site. So here I’ll do a sort of introduction, to serve as a place to refer such people to in future.

The image above is what the topmost area of the primary SFI Affiliate Center website looks like after you log in. It will show your photo and rank and selected statistics by the right, the main menu with black background below it, and then the 15 tabs below the menu that initially start out red and are expected to be turned green daily by performing some tasks.

1. What is SFI?

Here is what I last told someone that asked me on Facebook “How does this SFI work?”

Well, basically you promote their products using special links and get commission when people buy through your links. You introduce other people and also get commission when they buy stuff. There is free training lessons for new people called Launchpad when you log in.

TripleClicksNow, let me expand on that a bit. The ecommerce (online store) arm of SFI is called TripleClicks. It used to be that anyone that met some conditions could become an ECommerce Associate (ECA) with own products and services listed under TripleClicks, which then handled sales receipts. But not anymore. In 2018 the vast majority of these ECA sub-shops were closed down in a strategic restructuring, as SFI didn’t want to be competing with the likes of Amazon. Shop owners were advised to set up their own ecommerce sites and sign up for a new Localvantia loyalty program. A few well-selling shops remained, along with TripleClicks Direct owned by SFI. It’s the products of these remaining shops that make up a big chunk of what affiliates can now promote and receive commissions on.

The products may be promoted by any means of advertising that would not be considered spamming, such as on social media or via direct mailing or distribution of fliers and banners. As for the special links, these are product referral links containing your SFI ID in it, such as https://www.tripleclicks.com/16323119.141/detail?item=97890 for the pack of 10 TCredits. This link contains my 8-digit SFI ID (followed by a key code for identifying the type of promotion or where the link would be placed, which is optional). Every affiliate that joins up gets the next sequential SFI ID number. As this is being written, the numbers are in their 20,000,000s.

So affiliates would visit TripleClicks.com, search for products to promote and start sending out their links to people. When someone visits the product link and buys something, the affiliate will have some commission deposited in his or her account. That 10-pack of TCredits for instance sells for US$5.90 and has a direct commission of $1.60. For new international affiliates, when the accumulated commissions get to $20, they may choose to have the TripleClicks Payoneer MasterCard sent to them, which they could then use to withdraw their money from ATM machines anywhere.

I found SFI by reading an ebook I stumbled on online, and not long after signing up, I made my own promotional ebook. You can download and check it out here.

2. How does SFI work?

SFI that stands for Strong Future International is a network marketing platform in a nutshell. Just as there are referral links for promoting products, there are also links for promoting SFI itself for others to sign up, known as gateway links. Everyone that signs up is placed under the person whose referral link they used to visit and sign up, or under SFI Corporate if no such person. The people beneath you in the pyramid are your downlines while those above you are your uplines. An affiliate that joins from your referral link becomes your Personally-Sponsored Affiliate (PSA). When that PSA buys something with money you will get rewarded with some commission. The ranks of SFI members start at basic Affiliate for anyone that signs up. The really distinguishing ranks start at the Executive Affiliate (EA) level, followed by the team-leader ranks of Bronze (BTL), Silver (STL), Gold (GTL), Platinum (PTL) and finally Diamond (DTL) at the apex. Each rank has its own qualifying requirements, and earning potentials too, the higher the better. The amount of commission you get at any period is influenced a lot by how big your “team” of downlines is and how financially active they are.

If you don’t want to manage your SFI recruits as your downlines, waiting for them to be financially active in SFI before earning commissions from them, you could have SFI pay upfront for them, up to $10 per signup. You do this by using designated SFIPPA (pay-per-action) gateway links. Once the signups are deemed genuine by SFI, your account would be credited about six months later.

Poker Zackjack Card King Brain Sprint

Along with selling products, SFI also has a gaming arm called Eager Zebra, with popular card games like Zackjack, Grandmaster Poker and Card King, a word guessing game called Hidden, trivia quiz games like Knockout Trivia, Brain Sprint and Gold Streak, sporting and prediction games, the hourly try-your-luck T-Time for a chance to win 2 TCredits daily, among others. Most games are free to play or up to a point, or a TCredit is used as digital currency to play. Playing the first game of the day or winning a game gets you entered into a Daily Crown random drawing, from which you could win Rewardical tokens. A Rewardical is another SFI digital currency that you can exchange for cash or other items. You could also get Rewardicals from patronizing Localvantia shops anywhere. Presently, about 700 Rewardicals will fetch you US$1, though this could change at any time. So you could be playing games and making some money in the process. An exciting arm of SFI introduced in 2018 is Astro Auctions where you can bid for selected products with as little as 1 TCredit. Even if you do not win a bid you will receive constellation prizes like Rewardicals and VersaPoints among others. A recently added arm is ECommergy, a subscription service for reading and learning about all things ecommerce.

For those not used to online marketing, the SFI platform provides tons of free educational materials. The introductory Launchpad training provides 59 tutorial lessons meant to be read over a period of at least 30 days to help new members get acquainted. Old members also benefit from reviewing what they already know and then some, as the platform is regularly being updated with new features. There is also the SFI Forum for members to exchange ideas and ask questions. To assist members with marketing, there are free promotional aids that could be used, such as banners in different sizes and shapes, fliers, stationery and so much more.

From its login page, here are the “22 reasons to love SFI” with my notes on some of them.

  1. Work from the comfort of your home, or as you travel, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  2. More than 100,000 quality goods and services from vendors worldwide. These products and services are listed at TripleClicks.com. Vendors with their own ecommerce sites or physical stores may also sign up for the Localvantia loyalty program and be listed at Rewardical.com.
  3. Start FREE, no obligation, and no purchase requirements ever. There is no registration fee and you may opt out formally at any time or simply stop visiting the site. However, to run a successful internet marketing business you will need to invest some time and money regularly at the beginning.
  4. Can start earning money within hours. See the section below on making money for more details.
  5. We take care of all orders, payments, shipping, and customer service for you. This is applicable to ECommerce Associate (ECA) shops still active at TripleClicks.com, following the mass purge in 2018.
  6. Thousands of SFI affiliates around the world earn commissions every day. See the section below on making money for more details.
  7. No experience necessary; we train you FREE. The available training resources include Launchpad and the SFI Forum. You may also contact upline members via email or in-site messaging for needed guidance. The TRAINING menu at the Affiliate Center website has discussions on “Getting Started,” “Generating Sales & Signing Up Members,” “Sponsoring Affiliates” and more.
  8. Excellent long-term residual income potential. As long as you remain an active member, your downlines (that are not rank-dependent) are yours and could be generating commissions for you for life.
  9. Earn money worldwide (in over 200 countries). There are thousands of people signing up every week. In May 2019 Nigeria overtook India with the most number of active members.
  10. Learn and earn at your own pace. Although you may work at your own pace, there are deadlines for certain activities, such as one month to requalify for your rank.
  11. Now in our 21st successful year (parent company’s 33rd year), as of June 2019. SFI’s parent company is Carson Services Inc.
  12. Compensation plan utilizes powerful, infinite-depth Dynamic Compression for maximum payouts.
  13. World-class 24/7 support & assistance. Support is provided via discussion groups at the SFI Forum, from upline members, and directly from SFI Support by email once support tickets are raised.
  14. Free customized-for-you websites. This is applicable to existing ECommerce Associates; new ones are no longer being accepted.
  15. Work with fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world for mutual success
  16. Fun, fast, modern program built for the Internet
  17. A proven company that gets results everyday
  18. One of the fastest-growing companies of its kind in the world — with explosive worldwide growth projected for the next ten years.
  19. Personal, one-on-one support available around the clock
  20. Continuous income cycling (earn 24 hours a day/365 days a year). Your downlines can come from anywhere around the world, so that while you sleep someone could be up and working to earn you some commission.
  21. Start fast with our cutting edge, "plug-in-and-go" marketing tools and programs
  22. Debt-free, family-owned company. Gery Carson is the President of SFI, and the business is physically located in Nebraska, USA.

3. Making money with SFI

As at the time of writing (September 2019), here are the different possibilities for generating income on the SFI platform, summarized from its Compensation Plan page.

1. Direct Commission. For all your Personally-Referred Members (PRMs) and Personally-Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs) you get 50% of available commission (CV) on any product sale and 1 Rewardical for every 10 they earn. You also get all of the VersaPoints (VP) earned by PRMs. Earnings example: When a product that has $28 available commission is purchased by one of your PRMs or PSAs, you earn a $14 Direct Commission (50% of $28).

2. Executive Pool. The Pool accumulates 50% of the available commission on every sale and at the end of the month affiliates of minimum rank of EA share in it based on their VP scores, in increments of 500 VP. Assuming the value of 500 VP is US$0.17, if your total VP in the month is 3,510 you would get a share for 3,500 VP which would be US$1.19.

3. Matching VP. When you are a team leader (BTL and above) you also get the VPs earned by some of your downlines as Matching VP, which would increase your Executive Pool income.

4. Vendor Referrals. When you introduce a member to Localvantia or Rewardical programs, you will get 1 Rewardical for each 10 given out by the vendor to their customers.

5. Bonuses. There are numerous opportunities to earn free TCredits and Rewardicals in various SFI contests, monthly drawings, Eager Zebra Games and Astro auctions. TCredits can be used for bidding at auctions and playing games, both of which result in Rewardicals that may be converted to cash, among other prizes.

SFI is not a get-rich-quick platform. Earning from any of the above will require hard work and persistence over time. There is a very optimistic Earnings Calculator at SFI. It is based on your having a fixed number of new EA affiliates under you every month and each one of them also having new EA affiliates under them, along with your maintaining a minimum rank of EA. For instance 2 EAs with 2 EAs each (4 new EAs the first month) and a minimum EA rank for you, will produce a calculation of $120 per month after 6 months ($1,440 per year), however meeting the new EA qualification conditions including making enough sales or purchases every month would be the deciding factor, not usually attainable by newbies. There are notes explaining the calculation but most newbies likely don’t read or fully understand them, leading to wrong assumptions.

4. What you need to do SFI work

The first thing you need is the right frame of mind. You are not working for SFI for a salary to come every month. You won’t usually be paid for clicking links or reading stuff at the SFI site. You would actually be running your own internet marketing business under the SFI franchise. SFI and affiliates alike refer to each affiliate as running their own business, with TripleClicks being called “Your Store” and as with any new business, you would need to be prepared for initial losses before the profits start rolling in.

For the work itself, you would need reliable and regular internet access, along with a device to browse the internet. A laptop or desktop computer is best but a tablet or smartphone can also be used. You would be expected to log on to the SFI website every day, as there are daily to-do lists to be covered. Achieving a rank should not be cause for slacking, because next month you would need to work just as much or harder to maintain that rank. Ranks are partly based on earning a given number of VersaPoints each and every month (like 1,500 VP for EA and 3,000 VP for BTL), and if you fail to requalify you would lose some benefits. For instance, should you fail to maintain your EA rank all the co-sponsored affiliates (CSAs) in your downline would be lost, reassigned to others.

You should have a good record-keeping system in place also. While SFI has a Genealogy listing everyone in your downline, where you can also keep some notes, you should be prepared to keep other records by yourself. Personally I use a database application called Gerian Assistant that was independently created for keeping SFI records, including downlines details, ledgers for TCredits and others, exchange rates, scoreboard statistics, promotions, notes, Biz Quiz results, hit-tracking data and so on. You can download an evaluation copy here.

Chris Emejuru is an SFI Executive Affiliate (formerly a BTL) and a Badge Quest Master that ranks 4th for Nigeria in VP Streak and 336th worldwide.
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An introduction to what SFI is all about, including how to make the money and what you need to do the work.

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Hello David. Click the SFI Affiliate Center link. You will be given the option to sign up. Also you can use this link: www.tinyurl.com/cesfi141

[by Chris Emejuru at 2019-11-02 13:07:25] 

Nice one please how do I become an SFI Affiliate and sign up to TripLe click.

[by Ogwo David Kelechi at 2019-11-02 12:26:10] 

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