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Microsoft still supports Windows 7

By Chris Emejuru

Yes, even if occasionally. The support was supposed to have ended January 14, 2020, the excuse Facebook used to cripple WhatsApp on Windows devices from that date. Now look at the Windows Update history on my Windows 7 laptop.

Windows Update historyAnyway,…

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January 2020 In Brief

The new year began with the implementation of TripleClicks product banners on the Partners page of our website, and shortly work started on a new application TCProd to assist with that. Renewal of 2-year domain name and 2GB hosting for a client’s two domains was completed. The Payroll and Sales modules of MoneyBooks were revised in connection with new salary tables and the new 7.5% VAT rate. Gerian Assistant was also updated to handle new product groups for Astro Auctions announced by SFI. EPPMS client was visited in connection with continued technical support for the long-running application.

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