Printwiser Complete, 10 Concurrent Users

Professionally process and manage every stage of the print job from customer quote request to estimate entry, calculation and quote letter generation. Convert successful estimates to jobs with production tickets, schedule jobs, manage inventory of materials, record actual production data for profitability and comparative reports.
The Printwiser family of products is an information system specifically designed for printing companies that want to revitalize key aspects of their operations for improved efficiency. It is a modular system in which related tasks of one or more departments are organized as different program modules. The modules are fully integrated to avoid duplication of inputs. The MIS broadly features the following characteristics.

With this capability, Printwiser can be used on a network such as Microsoft Windows. Several people can be working with different modules of the system (or even the same module) from their individual computers connected to the network. This centralized operation can be especially useful in that all data is kept in one machine (the network server) and analysis of data becomes more meaningful. This version allows for up to 10 concurrent (logged in at same time) users, while more users can be added later.

SAP Sybase SQL/Adaptive Server Anywhere is the server RDBMS, with Printwiser communicating data requirement and modification instructions from workstations to and from the server.

User interface:
The method of operating Printwiser is pull-down menus, the standard in today’s application software. To facilitate data entry, pop-up lists are available for you to pick codes from. An online documentation is always available to assist users.

System security:
A list of users is maintained. There are two levels of users, operators that can only carry out assigned functions in assigned modules, and supervisors that can in addition execute more sensitive functions. Furthermore, each user can have an ID, a personal password, and a list of permitted activities. Hence no unauthorized user would be able to use the system without the required ID and password. Any workstation that does not have Printwiser on it may not be able to access the database on the server.

Flexible report management:
Most reports can be saved to disk. The built-in Report Manager tool then lets you view or print such saved reports at any time.

1. Estimating features
  • Editable cost tables maintained for materials, labor and press machines.
  • Time-saving Copy function for creating a new estimate based on an existing one.
  • Estimates calculated for up to six different quantities.
  • Charges calculated include up to six standard additions or mark-ups, sales and agency commissions, duty and VAT.
  • Up to 4 different cost rates per item, e.g. based on job type or customer type.
  • Unlimited number of sections for cover, text, inset, etc.
  • Various formats of estimate worksheet report: summary, revised summary, detailed, supplementary sheet.
  • Various formats of quotations: letter, ruled box or both.
  • Cost sheet and production form reports.
  • Workback estimate report to calculate effect of accepting customer's price offer.
  • Quotation request entry and tracking.
  • Time rate calculator for computing hourly machine rates.
  • Order tracking.
  • Link to Inventory for on-hand tracking.
  • Price list for press and non-press items.

2. Inventory Control features:
  • Tracks unlimited number of stock items and categories.
  • Tracks finished goods and transactions.
  • Tracks up to six different transaction types (requisition, goods received, returns, etc).
  • Transaction history and audit reports.
  • Analysis of transactions by job.
  • Tracks quantities and optionally values of items.
  • Stock master report with consumption figures.
  • Stock balance and re-order level reports.
  • Restrict access to stock price information to Accounts staff only.
  • Compute average monthly consumption for all stock items.

3. Planning features:
  • Convert successful estimates to jobs, adjusting estimate resources and tasks when necessary.
  • Produce, store and recall detailed works tickets in A4 or A3 formats quickly.
  • Create press and finishing job schedules and recompute dates at any time.
  • Maintain servicing schedules.
  • Track unlimited number of jobs and job tasks.
  • Create fresh jobs without estimates.
  • Check availability of materials for new jobs.

4. Work-In-Progress (WIP) features:
  • Manage record of materials used on jobs.
  • Manage time sheets.
  • Capture times spent with automatically logging at start and finish of each job/task.
  • Track the movement of various materials such as manuscripts, artwork and film.
  • Produce summary profitability report of actual costs versus estimated values with variance.
  • Produce detailed cost-back report of actual costs versus estimated values with variance.
  • Produce profitability and cost-back reports of actual versus estimated values.
  • Manufacturer: Microsoftware Research, Ltd

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