Printwiser Estimating 8.1 Per-Impression Press Run Costing Upgrade

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This Printwiser Estimating 8.1 upgrade, effective October 2019, was implemented to facilitate interchangeable per-impression and per-hour costing for estimates. It includes the following key features:

After installation, the Option menu will have the following additions:

Option menu additions

1. Per-impression press run costing option

Press run costing selection on estimate formChanges were made to the Press Machine List and Form, Estimate List and Form, and detailed estimate reports. On Press Machine List and Form, you can specify up to four Impression rates for each machine. This is the rate per impression, not per 1,000 impressions like some printers use. Estimate List has a new Cost Press Run By column with Hour as value for existing estimates. This can be changed on the Estimate Form, which now has a new addition, Cost press run by hour.

You can change that to Cost press run by impressions whenever you want, and then recalculate. The impressions is calculated taking into account the color capacity of the machine, so for a single-color machine, it will be four times that of a 4-color machine.

On the detailed estimate reports, Impressions will be shown instead of Hours Run. (See page image above.) Make-ready and changing time will not be costed separately.

This new per-impression costing varies from an earlier one for version 6.1 in two major ways. A separate per-impression rate has been created for each press to allow for easy switching for different estimates, unlike before when the hourly rate was treated as per-thousand impression rate for all estimates. Finishing calculations are also not affected unlike before.

2. Cost sheet detail export

When viewing the cost sheet report, selecting Export from File menu will present the following message.

Cost sheet detail export prompt

Select Yes to export the material items to one (spreadsheet) file, followed by labor items to another file.


Introducing, the Printwiser Estimating 8.1 upgrade, effective October 28, 2019. It features a new per-impression press run implementation that also allows per-hour to be used for some estimates. Cost sheet report’s material and labor details can now also be exported to two separate files for use in a spreadsheet.

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I love this but still want to study it further and see how it works on a larger scale please. Thanks.

[by JOHN OLUYEMI at 2019-11-01 15:23:04] 

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