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Printwiser Estimating 8.1 Per-Impression Press Run Costing Upgrade

Introducing, the Printwiser Estimating 8.1 upgrade, effective October 28, 2019. It features a new per-impression press run implementation that also allows per-hour to be used for some estimates. Cost sheet report’s material and labor details can now also be exported to two separate files for use in a spreadsheet.

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March 2020 In Brief

This month saw much time spent on provision of on-site and off-site technical support for our Printwiser, MoneyBooks and web application clients. The next upgrade of Labelwriter with a new candidate listing report was begun, while work was completed for a new domain name registration and hosting client, prior to full website development.

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Printwiser Estimating 8.0 Quote Writer Upgrade

Introducing, the Printwiser Estimating 8.0 upgrade, effective July 2019. It features advanced quote writing options complete with branding images like logos and signatures, two new analysis report formats, and access to the work-back estimate report. No more having to print quotes on letterheads first and then scan them before sending soft copies to clients!

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An interesting 4th year at SFI

A trip down memory lane to review the key events of my 4th year at SFI, from being ranked 4th in country VP streak, to establishing a RECA ecommerce shop and more...

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What is SFI and how does it work?

An introduction to what SFI is all about, including how to make the money and what you need to do the work.

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How I lost 25VP and 13RT

The constellation prizes for Astro Auctions have to be claimed within 7 days. This is what could happen when you fail to do so.

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A dozen eggs is worth more than 12

By Chris Emejuru

Sounds like a negation doesn’t it? Well, think about it for a moment. There is strength in numbers, for sure. And buying in bulk often comes with discounts.

You may be wondering where this is leading. Imagine those eggs were TCredits, or anything with a price…

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February 2020 In Brief

Initial work was completed on TCProd for managing TripleClicks product banners on the Partners page of our website. We carried out data entry review for users of our Cooperative Society module for FrontAccounting, to determine their correctness. The first 2020 upgrade of Labelwriter was implemented as version 9.2, incorporating a new ticking list report. A comprehensive VAT documentation report was implemented for MoneyBooks Sales, while the Microsoftware Blog and the Data Manager and System modules of MoneyBooks were also revised.

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January 2020 In Brief

The new year began with the implementation of TripleClicks product banners on the Partners page of our website, and shortly work started on a new application TCProd to assist with that. Renewal of 2-year domain name and 2GB hosting for a client’s two domains was completed. The Payroll and Sales modules of MoneyBooks were revised in connection with new salary tables and the new 7.5% VAT rate. Gerian Assistant was also updated to handle new product groups for Astro Auctions announced by SFI. EPPMS client was visited in connection with continued technical support for the long-running application.

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WhatsApp did not stop working on January 14, 2020 on Windows Phone devices!

The messaging app WhatsApp did not stop working on Windows Phone devices on January 14, 2020. Or did it? Check out my thoughts and experiences.

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