Customized FrontAccounting ERP

FrontAccounting packageFrontAccounting ERP is affordable with strong features while being open to local customization at the source-code level. It is a web-based accounting software for small and medium enterprises, featuring double entry accounting with low level journal entry and a user-friendly, document-based interface for everyday business activity, and automatic GL postings generation. It is a multicurrency, multilanguage system with an active worldwide users community. It’s standard modules and features include:

In the course of implementing FrontAccounting 2.3.25 for users we have customized it by adding the following to the standard modules: MR-Payroll, Authors and Royalties, Fixed Assets.

MR-Payroll module

MR-Payroll is the new salaries module of FrontAccounting. It handles staff salary processing and keeps track of basic employee data. It has the option of automatically computing PAYE tax using tax tables, along with implementation of salary tables. The module can be linked to the General Ledger module for the production of monthly payroll journals. The main reports which can be produced by the module are payroll register, payslip, pay point salaries, employee and loan listings.

  • Payslip reports formatted two copies per A4 sheet.
  • Rounded pay processing for cash-paid employees.
  • Unlimited number of staff records. Each staff is assigned a flexible user-defined 10-character ID.
  • Unlimited number of pay items—payments, deductions and loans, with automatic tracking of loan balances.
  • Unlimited number of pay locations, departments and pay points.
  • Interfacing to GL: During posting of payroll, a GL journal is automatically generated if the GL module is linked. Gross amounts may be posted to either location or department accounts.
  • Automatic but optional PAYE tax and tax-free pay calculation.
  • Optional support for graded payroll, where just the employee’s grade level and step is required for computing gross pay.
  • Employee information management includes basic data such as name, photograph, position, section, department, category, location, as well as biodata and contact data such as telephone, email and contact address.

Fixed Assets module

This module manages company asset items tracked by both office and asset location.

Authors and Royalties module

This module manages royalty items linked to sales stock, along with their authors.