Printwiser for Windows

Printwiser is an information system specifically designed for printers that want to revitalize key aspects of their operations for improved efficiency. It is a modular system in which related tasks of one or more departments are organized as different program modules. The modules are fully integrated to avoid duplication of inputs. The MIS broadly features the following characteristics.

With this capability, Printwiser can be used on a network (eg Microsoft Windows). Several people can be working with different modules of the system (or even the same module) from their individual computers connected to the network. This centralized operation can be especially useful in that all data is kept in one machine (the network server) and analysis of data become more meaningful.

Sybase SQL/Adaptive Server Anywhere is the server RDBMS, with Printwiser communicating data requirement and modification instructions from workstations to and from the server. There is optional support for other SQL database systems.

User interface
The method of operating Printwiser is pull-down menus, the standard in today’s application software. To facilitate data entry, pop-up lists are available for you to pick codes from. An online documentation is always available to assist users.

System security
A list of users is maintained. There are two levels of users, operators that can only carry out assigned functions in assigned modules, and supervisors that can in addition execute more sensitive functions. Furthermore, each user can have an ID, a personal password, and a list of permitted activities. Hence no unauthorized user would be able to use the system without the required ID and password. Any workstation that does not have Printwiser on it may not be able to access the database on the server.

Flexible report management
Most reports can be saved to disk. The built-in Report Manager tool then lets you view or print such saved reports at any time.

Estimating features

Inventory features

Planning features

Work-In-Progress features

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