Labelwriter is a tool for printers that produce examination papers and similar material. In such jobs, the job orders are specified in terms of subjects, exam codes, and the quantities to be produced for a given list of recipients. Recipients could either be schools or exam centers grouped by custodians, or zones. Such jobs require the question papers to be packed in a specific way, such as a certain quantity per envelope and a certain number of envelopes per carton. Both the envelopes and cartons would need special labeling to identify the contents.

Labelwriter takes over the production of the job labels and produces vital reports for management showing exactly how many copies of questions were involved, how many labels were used for envelopes or cartons, the distribution of the label numbers and cartons across all recipients, and so on.

To do this, it takes the job quantity specification right from a spreadsheet file, or from user input, then analyzes the data. The analysis results appears in the form of reports: detailed pages of numbered labels, or summaries. These can then be printed or saved for later recall.

Presently, two types of jobs are handled. One type involves exams with subject codes which are sent to custodians in different states, each custodian handling the material for different schools. Here the input quantities is by each school and subject code. The images on this page are for this job type or format.

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