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Printwiser Estimating 8.1 Per-Impression Press Run Costing Upgrade

Introducing, the Printwiser Estimating 8.1 upgrade, effective October 28, 2019. It features a new per-impression press run implementation that also allows per-hour to be used for some estimates. Cost sheet report’s material and labor details can now also be exported to two separate files for use in a spreadsheet.

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December 2021 In Brief

Four client visits were made in continuation of technical support work for EPPMS. A couple of performance revisions were made to Gerian Assistant, still on the HIDDEN Form for new games. Three modules of MoneyBooks were revised. Support was provided on Printwiser, including client visits. Discussions were held for the next major upgrading of the Estimating module, that will see calculated estimate reports being transformed into tabular format for easy transfer to spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel.

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