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Printwiser Estimating 10.0 Capital/Energy Estimate Summary Format Upgrade

Introducing, the Printwiser Estimating 10.0 Capital/Energy Estimate Summary Format upgrade, effective April, 2024. It introduces three new variables in computing the cost price, working capital cost (to cover bank interest on funds), energy cost and sales discount, to better meet the changing economic environment. Energy cost could have previously been represented by a rarely-used charge like excise duty, but is now properly represented on its own. Both working capital and energy cost are calculated as percentages of production cost. The upgrade introduces new formula for calculating some items, some new terminology on the estimate summary working sheet, includes working capital list and form for interest calculation and prorating, and a new hard/limp cover estimate summary report format.

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April 2024 In Brief

Work on Printwiser 10.0 upgrade was completed. Gerian 1.6 revision was done, with changes mainly to the Bit Bank Ledger for which the USD column was introduced, as SFI had changed their recording to use USD instead of SATs in January, and minor changes to the HIDDEN Form, Income List, Settings form and the Affiliate List.

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