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Printwiser Estimating 9.0 Flexible Estimate Spreadsheet upgrade

Introducing, the Printwiser Estimating 9.0 Flexible Estimate Spreadsheet upgrade, effective April 11, 2022. It features what most estimators have probably been wishing for, the ability to combine the estimate summary and detailed working sheets into one simple spreadsheet format, one that readily exports to a spreadsheet file. Not only that, you get the option to choose just the columns to show in the spreadsheet. Another useful feature is being able to set up access shortcut to standalone backup databases and copy estimates to and fro directly.

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January 2023 In Brief

Gerian Assistant got two version revisions, ending with v1.41, with changes to how the SFI date and the game streak were set, and changes to the HIDDEN List and HIDDEN Form—including the SFI streak date on them, and making the Continue and End Game buttons on the new word section of the form invisible when the game timer is paused. A Printwiser client reported an issue with the flexible estimate report feature, and this was investigated and solution given.

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